To Dig or Not to Dig

March 9, 2017 Off

To Dig or Not to Dig? Is digging your vedge patch the best way forward? It’s been on my mind that turning over the soil releases carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere, which in turn is harmful to the stratosphere, this effects the Ozone layer and if the ozone layer is damaged my plants will fry,…

By Keep It Green

The Procrastinating Gardener

March 3, 2017 Off

When is research counter productive? There’s loads of Facebook posts, Pinterest and Instagram research about vertical vedge, building eco-friendly greenhouses or how to care for chickens, which is essential. All that incredibly necessary info’ I really need to know before digging the first plot, staying glued to the screen rather than stepping outside, but it might rain, I…

By Keep It Green