To Grow or Not To Grow

October 29, 2017 Off

  A growing perspective I followed the seasonal rules and planted garlic and broad beans to overwinter, and mulched over areas post harvest of runner beans, tomatoes and squash. But it all looks so bare and unproductive, with just a few shoots emerging, declaring life still exists on the veg plot, like mini green Excalibur’s…

By Keep It Green

Garden Spiders Everywhere

September 27, 2017 Off

Beauty and The Beast I have an instinctive interest in garden spiders. By which I mean I engage the flight or fight instinct when I suddenly disturb one in the garden. Ninja reflexes coiled, ready to defend myself from the beast, sure to launch itself toward me at any moment. I watch with shallow deliberate breath…

By Keep It Green

Charles Dowding an inspired Gardener

August 29, 2017 Off

Everything a beginner gardener needs to know I came across Charles Dowding on the internet whilst researching alternative ways of growing fruit and vegetables. Immediately his ‘No-Dig’ teachings fired my imagination. Then I read his book ‘Gardening Myths and Misconceptions’. The thing about gardening and veg growing is that everyone’s done it all before, so…

By Keep It Green