The Procrastinating Gardener

When is research counter productive?


There’s loads of Facebook posts, Pinterest and Instagram research about vertical vedge, building eco-friendly greenhouses or how to care for chickens, which is essential. All that incredibly necessary info’ I really need to know before digging the first plot, staying glued to the screen rather than stepping outside, but it might rain, I should check the weather forecast before making my move.

I promised myself a hour or so in the garden to complete the raised beds and a climbing pyramid construction for the peas. Perhaps even use those other pallets I scavenged to enclose the second compost heap. But where am I going to build the chicken coop, and what would be the best design? Hang on, won’t they eat my lettuce as well as the slugs and grubs? I should look that up before I decide where to plant the peas I guess.

It’s all procrastination, the danger is that it still feels like progress because I’m learning stuff, and that’s all well and dandy but not very handy, not really practical is it.

It’s a defence mechanism I think. If my ideas aren’t put into practice, it can’t fail, so that’s okay. Then again, if I don’t get on with the practical stuff I’ll miss the early planting season.

I need to be on natures clock and grow real living plants. I can “research” articles bragging photos of healthy green pea pods when the sun has gone down.

It’s just a garden after all, right? I’ve heard it said that the hardest part of any journey is starting.

So, one thing at a time then.

Hope the weather hold out, looks a bit murky up there.


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