The Massacred Brassicas Have Resurrected

The Massacred Brassicas Have Resurrected

October 10, 2017 Off By Keep It Green

The return of the brassicas after the July massacre.

Nature has a tendency to recover from all manor of attacks, natural or man made, given time.

I am literally astounded and in awe of my brassicas will to survive. Not so long ago I wrote about the virtual destruction of my broccoli and sprouts, the decimation caused by the jaws of the cabbage white butterfly lava was in my opinion, final.
Resigned to the fact that Christmas dinner will once again be the product of 100% shop bought vegetables, I decided I had nothing to loose by conducting a little experiment on the purple sprouting broccoli.

Saving Organic Broccoli

Home Grown New Thinking

To make what was left of the purple sprouting broccoli less attractive to the cabbage white butterfly, I snipped the skeletal de-leafed stalks left by the caterpillars back to the main stem of the plant.

The theory being that if there were any willingness left in the plant to grow, new side shoots would appear from the base of the stumps. Although, following such a brutal pruning, I doubted this would actually work. It was to be nothing more than a naive gardening experiment, a horticultural adventure into the unknown, for me anyway.

My inspiration for such an attempt was once again ‘Myths and Misconceptions’ by Charles Dowding.

Established, traditional gardening sense would have me pulling the stems out in order to use the space to grow something else, writing off the experience as lesson learnt, and why not. But I now know that it’s okay to just try something a little out of the ordinary, and perhaps learn something more through the experience and not just blindly follow traditional thinking. So a little hope and some very basic biological common sense told me to stick with it, that this could actually work, and it did.

Small space gardening
Sprouts are back on the menu
Growing Organic Sprouts

I can happily report that despite being eaten alive, the Kale, Sprouts and Purple Sprouting Broccoli are all doing very well indeed thank you very much.

Do stay tuned for updates and feel free to share your brassica stories in the comments field below.

Until next time, Keep it Green 💚

Small space gardening
Organic Purple Sprouting Broccoli
Organic gardening for Christmas
Organic Kale

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