The Kitchen Compost Begins

The Kitchen Compost Begins

February 26, 2017 Off By Keep It Green

The gardening boots are on!

The untouched garden

Well it’s taken a few months of procrastination, but it has finally, with the best foot forward, and all good intentions, begun.

The kitchen scraps compost bin that is.

The garden is currently a lawn as you can see in the photo, but there is a plan to transform this green and pleasant land into a bounty of lusciousness and abundance. A botanical feast awaits it’s nurturing and harvest. But first I need to set up the compost bin.

Over the past couple of months a mound under the apple tree has slowly grown, a convenient area for organic matter from the kitchen to build up, with a promise of transforming into rich nourishing compost. But it wasn’t really organised, and it began to look careless. Something had to be done.

After a few more weeks of procrastination and research, I managed to put a plan into action and acquired some pallets from a local builders yard. I chose the cleanest ones I could find with no chemical or paint markings. A moment later once I had found the body warmer and some concerted effort to put away the phone and social media news feeds, I put the gardening boots on and stomped with purpose to the bottom of the garden to move the disused rabbit hutch out of the way.

Unfortunately, a branch from the apple tree poked me right in the eye. Time then to get horticultural revenge, I had after all been reading how it was a good time of year to prune back, harshly. Soon the dead wood was deaded and with the eye poking spindly branches thoughtfully removed, I found that I had created a nice pile of wood to bed in to a Hugelkultur pit later on, something else for the to do list then.

Okay, area cleared and pallets to be positioned, really quite easy and now I had acclimatised and completed one job I realised that there will be no turning back. Gardening is really satisfying. So, to the pallets, a trench dug for the back section and the sides screwed into position, it was all done in a flash. Stinky heap of egg shells and rotting mellon, tomatoes, cabbage, carrot & potato scrapings, flower stalks and a whole concoction of other oozing matter got shovelled onto it’s new designated purpose built composting patch. It looks the business.

Bring on the bounteous leafy joy.



A tree to be reckoned with

The kitchen scrap compost bin completed