The 5 – 10 K Running Order

The 5 – 10 K Running Order

July 13, 2018 Off By Keep It Green

10 Songs for that 5 – 10 K Run you’ve said you’re going to do.

A bit of motivation is all I needed

I’ve set myself a goal to increase my 5 K run to 10 K. A target inadvertently set by an old school friend, ‘if I can do it you can’ she claims.

Okay then, but with every new challenge come a motivational sound track, I’ve seen Rocky, I know how this story goes.

Running by the coast

Here then is 1 hour and 3 minutes of motivation. Because that’s also my time target for the 10 Kilometres run. Eventually.

10 Motivational songs to run with

1/ Rez by Underworld (The warm up)

2/ Hysteria by Muse (Getting that blood pumping a bit faster now)

3/ Where it’s at by Beck (Settling into a pace here)

4/ Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen (Because I might be thinking of walking for a bit and need an anthem)

5/ The Passenger by Iggy Pop (Because the man is a Legend)

6/ New Years Day by U2 (Digging deep

7/ Lazaretto by Jack White (Back into that pace, no flaggin)

8/ Ten Feet Tall by Flaming Stars (Don’t over do it, keep the pace going)

9/ Porcelaine by Moby (Pace pace pace, focusing on that breathing)

10/ The Box -part 2 by Orbital (Breath)

11/ Nancy Boy by Placebo (Pick it up, grit them teeth no slackin’ allowed!)

12/ Super Massive Black Hole by Muse (Grrrrr you can do this)

10/ Beautiful Day by U2 (Another anthem moment for the finish line, should be feeling good here)

Take the inspiration to another level with a challenge

Running for charity, what’s not to like

You’ll find more information about the Great Ormond Street Challenges on their website here. Good luck 🙂

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