Soothing Properties of Woodland Flowers

Soothing Properties of Woodland Flowers

May 8, 2017 Off By Keep It Green
Ramsons Wild Garlic (Allium ursinum)

Ramsons a member of the Wild Garlic family (Allium ursinum)

Woodland Flowers, what a relief.

From general online research, I’ve found that a lot of articles convey the relieving properties of wild herbs and flowers, that they are historically known to be good for the bowels and that they have a “relieving” quality about them. I’m not being sceptical or intending to be derogatory when I say, I’m sure there are many wild plants that would have this effect on our digestive systems. Although I wonder that perhaps our exposure to processed foods in our modern daily lives, has in fact lead to “modern man/woman” to be less than harmonious with natures’ wilder remedies.

It’s a real effort these days to pursue a wholly natural diet and seek natural remedies for our ailments. I’d say almost impossible without shutting out a considerable part of modern living practices. Although there are glimpses of integration I guess. Alternative, or should I say, traditional wild herbal medicines are slowly being brought in to the mainstream testing regimes and officially acknowledged. Ironic really considering the development of modern medical knowledge probably sprouted from the foundation of a few old wives tales about the uses of wild herb poultices etc.

Luckily a few wise words are still passed down the generations, here in the UK we all knew as children that if you got stung by a nettle there’d be a Dock leaf near by to sooth the pain, which berries were poisonous and which were fair game before the birds fattened up for the winter, and you’d always risk a crab apple or two. It was all about survival of the fittest, especially on particularly long bike rides out to the Norfolk Broads from Norwich, strawberry picking at the farms along the way.

Wild Strawberry Flower (Fragaria vesca)

Wild Strawberry Flower (Fragaria vesca)

Anyway, I give you my floral findings from a recent walk in Copperas Woods, Wrabness, Essex, England. Many of these plants have medicinal properties, if you know what to do with them. So I’ve provided a few links for you to begin your own research, and maybe next time you’re out and about walking by a hedge row, or in the woods and need a little pick me up you’ll come to recognise as I have, a few free natural tasty morsels to help you along your way.

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The Woodland Trust

Woodlands plant ID

Botanical Society of Britain & Ireland

Do let me know if you’ve got any stories about any of the flowers and herbs in this post, I’m still learning as well. I’m particularly interested in hearing any regional folk tales about wild flowers and herbs. Rhymes and quirky sayings are my favourite.

Here’s one I found recently, apparently if you cut open an apple and count the seeds you’ll find out how many children you’ll have. Now there’s a comforting thought.

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