Seasonal Inspiration #7 The Lemon Tree Trust

Seasonal Inspiration #7 The Lemon Tree Trust

May 28, 2018 Off By Keep It Green

The Lemon Tree Trust at The Chelsea Flower Show 2018

The work behind this garden blew me away.

I’ve actually been struggling to write this article, because it’s difficult to find the words that would do The Lemon Tree Trust, and Tom Massey justice for all the work they do. I still haven’t found those words, I am genuinely inspired by their commitment in helping people cope with forced displacement. To help them find dignity, purpose and respect. To educate, mentor and help people who have lost everything rebuild a life, through gardening.

To quote @LemonTreeTrust in a reply to me on Twitter. ‘It is the thousands of displaced people who continue to inspire us daily. We have so much admiration for their resilience and determination in the face of adversity and we can’t wait to see what they grow next. Gardening is indeed a powerful thing!!’

Therefore, I urge you to follow this link and watch Tom Massey explain why the garden he designed for The Chelsea Flower Show is so important, and such an inspiration.


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