Seasonal Inspiration #2 Pond Life

Seasonal Inspiration #2 Pond Life

March 24, 2018 Off By Keep It Green

A small pond for the frogs I thought. An afternoon tops I thought. Got some bricks and some plastic sheeting to recycle, I thought.

Reality thought differently. Plastic had a hole in it and the edge of the pond wasn’t level so it leaked and the water level was all wonky.

So like a typical bloke admitting defeat and opening the instruction manual for the first time, some sensible research and a small purchase of a pond liner later, construction resumes.

I’m amazed at how much earth I’ve dug out, never really noticed how much the garden slopes. So now it has become something of a full garden re-design, not quite an afternoon job or even a job for the weekend. This may take a bit longer, excited to see the results though. Hope the frogs appreciate this. ?