New Mobile Phones Are So Yesterday

New Mobile Phones Are So Yesterday

The Information Age is costing The Earth

In 2017 there are approximately 5 BILLION smart phone users world wide.

That’s according to a survery published on

The communication industry in it’s many forms probably absorbs more raw materials each day than the global arms trade or indeed any trade or industry on the planet. Sustainability of this global demand for tech needs addressing.

Through discussion will come change.

Imagine how many of those 5 billion phones are replaced for an upgrade every single year. Now think of the global infrastructure and resources in place to manufacture, sell and deliver those 5 billion phones. Ultimately though, you have the power to choose how much of an impact on the planet, and the drain on natural resources your new phone will have. Because you can choose an alternative to the product being force fed to you year after year.

Time to choose a more Eco-Friendly mobile phone.

Taking a photo with your phone

If you want a greener lifestyle, but stay connected, your phone upgrade habit needs to change.

Refurbished mobile phones have to become a standard option for your upgrade. Not just a greener choice.

The refurbished tech offered to us online by smaller businesses needs to become the first option we see on leading mobile phone brand websites.

That’s why there is a promotion on our “Green Living” website. We want to show you that there is an alternative.

If one person chooses to change a habit of a life time (especially our younger readers) and give refurbished phones a try, then not only will that be one less piece of metallic waste going to landfill to pollute the ground and water table for generations to come, but also consider the broader impact of not choosing to buy a new phone. There will be a significant reduction of manufacturing waste, as well as far fewer demands on mining activities to acquire raw materials, such as metals and oil. Your carbon footprint will be massively reduced on a number of levels, not to mention the money you will save.

The more times we adopt this approach, the more it becomes visible to the mainstream phone manufacturers and retail industry. Eventually, phone by phone we can re-educate them. Take a look at what’s on offer here.

Reasons to buy a refurbished mobile phone

1/ Refurbished tech can also be better than new mass produced items because they have been individually quality checked, the operating system and functions have been specifically tested for that model, rather than just being another bunch of mass assembled components, as nice and shiny as they are.

2/ The prices you pay will also be massively reduced compared to the off the shelf comparison, saving you loads of money.

3/ More money can be saved as your Sim only phone contract payments wont include the inflated price of a new phone, giving you more options to choose the contract that suits your needs rather than one tied to the type of phone you’ve chosen. 

I for one will be signing up to recycle my phone and go Sim Only. I’m not avoiding modern technology, I’m just trying to be a little bit more of a responsible, greener shopper in the fight against todays increasingly wasteful commercial retail and manufacturing habits. 

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