The Seed Hunting Game

The Seed Hunting Game

A Treasure Hunting Game to spark the imagination

With a little fun and guidance your young explorer will soon be a budding scientist and a keen gardener. This is also a great way to keep them entertained and occupied during the school holidays.
The game below can even be played when away on holiday, especially with foods they’ve not experienced before.
A simple and effective way to engage young minds is to PLAY A GAME

Where to begin SEED HUNTING

Fruit Bowl full of your five a day

1/ Begin your treasure hunt at the fruit bowl to see what kinds of seeds you can find there. Some will be on the inside and some on the outside. strawberries, apples, bananas and watermelons are great for this. You can munch on your five a day along the way.

Preserving Food, Preserving Fruit

2/ Then move on to the cupboards to see what kind of packets and jars have seeds in them, like cereals, packets of nuts, rice, dried peas, popcorn, coffee beans and cans of beans.

You will both begin to see how important seeds are and how widely they are found in every day foods.

3/ Off to the fridge to look at the transparent cucumber seeds, peppers and tomatoes. Not forgetting the freezer, I’m sure you’ll find some frozen peas in there.


Lets take this game outside

So why haven’t all natural foods got seeds in or on them like parsnips and cabbages?

For that you have to look outside, to find plants with seed heads. Depending on the season, there should normally be something to find close by. Dandelion heads are fairly reliable and for a bit of fun, see how many puffs it takes to send the seeds into the air. There’s alway grass seed about, not unlike wheat and barley used in your serial packet.

A walk in the park or woods will soon produce a flower seed head or a nut or two. If you’re lucky enough to have access to an allotment or veg patch seed gathering is a time honoured ritual, a veritable art form. 

Dandelion Seed Head
Squirrel hunting nuts

But the best time has to be autumn as the most prolific for seed gathering, especially on a woodland walk foraging for chestnuts.

See what you can find, pop the seeds in a paper envelope and try growing them at home.

Below is a really easy method you can use to get young adventurers started on successfully growing seeds . A winner every time.


How to successfully grow Pea Shoots EVERY time 

Other games to play along the way

Teaching children how to make a fruit salad

Once you’ve fired their imagination there are plenty of easy ways to continue the game whilst having time together and learning.

Here’s just a few ideas

1/ How many other things can they find with seeds whilst out shopping? What’s the biggest seed you can find ? Or the biggest fruit you can find containing seeds.

2/ You can sneak in a little maths practice by counting the seeds you find in each fruit. I probably wouldn’t count seeds in the musli though.

3/ Young artists can draw and paint a picture from their findings, if it’s big enough you could cut a seed in half to see what’s inside and draw that by looking at it under a magnifying glass.

4/ Don’t forget cooking practice as well, preparing a simple fruit salad or helping you prepare the veg in search of seeds is all part of the experience and it’s a fun time to spend together and get things done .