How to successfully grow Pea Shoots EVERY time 

How to successfully grow Pea Shoots EVERY time 

Micro-Greens and an easy way to grow Pea Shoots

Growing Pea Shoot on the window sill, patio or balcony couldn’t be easier. If you haven’t got a garden or just run out of space, there’s no reason why you can’t still grow these super nutritious and tasty greens.

Micro-greens Pea Shoots

Microgreens the easy way

 Like most people I like a good Youtube demonstration when I’m researching how to do something. So rather than pretend I know it all, I thought I’d share this superb video by Huws Nursery. You’ll find a perfect demonstration of how to grow Pea Shoots successfully every time. Cheers for the tuition Huw.

4 Things you need to grow your own Pea Shoots

This is a great project for anyone to try, but especially for children. It not only teaches them how to grow something from seed and how to care for plants. The pea shoots will be ready to eat before you know it, and there’s nothing quite like eating home grown organic food. These pea shoots are super sweet and full of nutritious value. They’ll just love them.

1/ Dried Peas – Organic if you can find them. I asked my local Deli and they ordered them in. Or just use the dried peas from the supermarket. Works just as well.

2/ A container 5cm deep or more is okay. Recycling single use packaging tubs works well. 

3/ General purpose compost. Or there are aquaponic and no-medium methods on the internet as well.

4/ Water

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