Gardening Trends and the Internet

Gardening Trends and the Internet

June 16, 2017 Off By Keep It Green

Organic Gardening on the Internet

Google search trends and global movements

Reading the Past and the Present

There is a free Google programme online called Google Trends. It helps writers and website developers anaylise the habits of website search phrases over the years.

It’s particularly handy for someone like me when researching current subjects of interest online relating to gardening, environmental issues and green living. 

As someone learning about organic gardening, this has naturally been the area of my research and I’ve noticed that over the past five years there’s been a steady decline in the search term ‘Organic Gardening’.

Google Trend for organic gardening

Has Organic Gardening fallen out of fashion?

Google Trends show that there are obviously still seasonal peeks and troughs in researching homegrown veg and ‘How To’ garden topics, but the specific decline in Organic Gardening research is worrying. I have to ask myself if this has just been some kind of fad or a phase rather than a lifestyle and health choice. To some degree I believe it was.  There was a time when an Eco-Warrior up a tree blocking a housing development was headline news, and green living conversations  were happening all over the place as a result.  Not forgetting the inevitable adoption of natural urban street wear and hair styles becoming absorbed into mainstream fashionista circles. Symbols of poverty harvested for the capitalist PR machine and styled into high exclusive catwalk struts and prances.

How to commune with Nature

Alternatively, has being GREEN become a mainstream lifestyle?

But then it dawned on me that an online trend, may have just transitioned into a off-line practice and simply become a habit. Indeed I couldn’t wish for a better outcome. But could I find the proof? Could I find evidence that organic gardening had become accepted as an unexceptional practice, taken for granted and whole heartedly embraced by a new generation of allotment growers and balcony farmers?

A Natural Progression of Trends

So what happens when you become an organic gardener? What do you do next? What could be the natural progression of growing your own organic fruit, vegetables and flowers, encouraging wildlife habitats into your garden and sustainability practices in to your home?

Well there it is, it’s about sustainability, commitment to the long term practice. Green Living Lifestyle choices and Wellbeing issues have emerged from the organic garden and tree top protests. The increasing trend in health and wellbeing is upon us. 

Smelling the Flowers, taking time to relax

Mind, Body and Spirit

We continue to want new lifestyle concepts and practices to improve our future. It appears there is an online awakening towards the established holistic Eastern philosophies, of physical and spiritual wellbeing focused on preventing physical and mental illness, rather than waiting for time for it to be cured.

Buying organic food and growing an organic garden may have contributed to some lifestyle conversions, but it’s evident that the conversation on achieving a healthier, balanced, peaceful future is still on the mids of those seeking enlightenment.