Garden Spiders Everywhere

Garden Spiders Everywhere

September 27, 2017 Off By Keep It Green

Beauty and The Beast

I have an instinctive interest in garden spiders. By which I mean I engage the flight or fight instinct when I suddenly disturb one in the garden. Ninja reflexes coiled, ready to defend myself from the beast, sure to launch itself toward me at any moment. I watch with shallow deliberate breath the methodical, deductive, tactile, exploration as the spider flexes trochanta, patella, meta-tarses and claw. 

This eight limbed harpist finally settles and rests, confident that my comparative stumbling and crashing through the beans and vines have ceased. It resumes position, snare and entrapment. To poison to liquify and devour beast preserving corpus nectar. 

I withdraw victorious.

The autumn garden arachbid

The Common Garden Spider - Araneus diadematus

Garden Spider, close-up photography
Organic garden runner bean seed pods

Are garden spiders pests?

No, of course common garden spiders aren’t pests.

I wont insult you by listing the various bugs and insects the garden spider will happily eliminate from your veg plot, needless to say, anything that flies falls or crawls into the web is fair game. Unfortunately that does include bees and butterflies.

However, they can be in the way if they are harbouring ambitions within your runner beans. I suggest moving them to a mutually beneficial location, such as the flower bed. Or, (sighs deeply) leave them be and perhaps they’ll move aside as you stumble upon their intricate and sticky snare.

The Common Garden Spider
iPhone photograph of a garden spider

Spiders NEED YOU 🕷🕷🕷

The Spider and Harvestman Recording Scheme.

Since 1987 the The British Arachnological Society – BAS have been asking volunteers all over the UK to log a few details about the spiders they find in their local area. This helps to produce a comprehensive understanding of the numbers and locations of specific species, and to see if this statistic has changed over the years. Click the links above to find out how you can join in with the grand UK spider count.

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