A Greener Life UK, aka an average family living in Essex. The spokesperson and head gardener, Dad, has put this website together in order to document thoughts, discoveries and actions towards developing a lifestyle thats healthier, rewarding and less stressful than perhaps it has been in the past.

Building on skills and developing good habits that improves health through organic gardening, and good eating. Learning and promoting a greener lifestyle, sharing those thoughts and results along the way. 

The plan is already in action. An organic garden is being cultivated, horticultural experiments are under way and a fitness plan with a marathon mission. Most of which can be seen within the many social media platforms linked with this website. 

As well as the garden, changes are being made to the diet. Specifically by incorporating food that promotes gut health. Including Kombucha and Milk Kafir. Kimchi and other ferments will soon be on the menu, with a little more confidence and research. Advice from readers is most welcome.

In the house, reduce, reuse and recycle are no strangers. Composting being number 1. But I confess, other than the usual bottles paper and cardboard collected for recycling by the local council (which could do more in all honesty), doing more at home is difficult. So do stay tuned for that one.

If this outlook resonates with you, you’ve been there and done that, or just curious, please stay tuned and subscribe to stay in touch and drop us a line to say Hi. It would be good to hear from others out there who are trying similar things to make the home a better place and the future a little less cluttered. 

So to start, please check out the blog posts here, there may well be something you like.

Oh, and the adverts you can see around the site may earn us a little commission if clicked, at no cost to you of course. We’re hoping to save enough for a decent greenhouse you see ?

Keep it Green