A Little Overwhelmed by Spring

A Little Overwhelmed by Spring

April 15, 2017 Off By Keep It Green

Apple Tree Blossom

Have I done enough for my first Spring garden?

I’ve done the research, got the seeds, prepared the soil and compost, saved a load of yoghurt pots for starting my seeds in. Planned the layout and what gets planted where, built a little greenhouse thing and got it all started.

Seeds are sprouting, some of the plants are now ready to pot-on as they say, and the one’s planted straight in the ground do seem to be happy. Well they’re showing signs of life anyway.

Ready to pot on

But I do feel like I’ve missed something. You know that feeling when you leave the house and you know you’ve locked up but you have to check that you’ve got the keys. Or when you drive off and that inner voice is muttering ‘you’ve forgotten to do something haven’t you. You have, I know you have, but I’m not telling’.

Well, that’s me with the garden at the moment. I know I’ve watered everything regularly because it has been quite dry over the past couple of weeks or so. I even made a bird bath from a disused tall chimney pot and a 1920’s cloisonné style Japanese charger. Sounds a bit over the top but I like the idea of incorporating a little sculpture into the garden. Some curiosities, if you like.

Bird Bath

The raised beds made from stacking turf are rotting down, Monty Don from Gardener’s World said it makes good loam. Which was a new word for me. So I’m learning stuff all the time as well.

The spuds are chitting nicely on top of the fridge getting ready to go in next week. I’ve made three planters out of recycled pallets, one with a trellis for the cucumbers, one for the strawberries (doing nicely thank you very much) and another with a trellis for a climbing scented flower which likes the shade, but I haven’t decided what that will be yet. Actually, if you have any suggestions I’d be happy to hear them.


Actually now that I’ve put it all down in writing, I think I might just be a little apprehensive rather than overwhelmed.

The key to gardening is in it’s emergence I guess, being patient and letting nature take it’s course. Have a bit of faith and let it all begin to happen. The seed of an idea has been sown, and so on.

Pats self on back, happy with progress.

Seed Shed

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